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万能拉力实验机适用于(安全带、保险带、皮革皮带)塑料薄膜、复合膜(是以微孔膜或超滤膜作支称层,在其表面覆盖以厚度仅为0.1~0.25μm的致密的均质膜作壁障层构成的分离膜。使得物质的透过量有很大的增加。复合膜的材料包括任何可能的材料结合)、软质包装材料、胶粘剂、胶粘带、不干胶、橡胶、纸张、塑铝板、漆包线、无纺布、纺织品、防水材料;7种检测方式:扩张强度与变形率,拉断力与变形率,热封强度,撕裂强度,剪切强度,180度剥离,90度剥离。Universal tensile machine is suitable for the (belts, belts, leather belt) plastic film, composite membrane (based on microporous membrane or ultrafiltration membrane as support layer, on the surface covered with thickness of only 0.1 ~ 0.1 microns dense homogeneous film as the walls of the layer structure of separation membrane. Makes the increase through the amount of matter. The composite membrane material including any possible combination), soft packing materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, adhesive, rubber, paper, plastic, aluminum plate, enameled wire, non-woven fabrics, textiles, waterproof material; Seven kinds of detection methods: expansion intensity and the deformation rate, tensile force and deformation rate, heat sealing strength, tear strength, shear strength, 180 degrees, 90 degrees.万能拉力实验机优于0.5级的测试精度在行业内遥遥领先,有效的保证了试验结果的准确性。一台试验机集成拉伸、剥离、撕裂等七种独立的测试程序,为用户提供了多种试验项目选择。2000mm的超长行程可以满足超大变形率材料的测试。Universal tensile machine is superior to the test accuracy of 0.5 on the Richter scale is ahead in the industry, effectively guarantee the accuracy of the test results. A tensile testing machine integration, peel, tear seven independent testing procedures, including provides users with a variety of test items to choose. 2000 mm long stroke can satisfy the test of large deformation rate material.万能拉力实验机是多种规格的力值传感器以及七档试验速度选择,为用户不同试验条件的测试提供了便利。微电脑控制、菜单式界面、PVC操作面板、以及大液晶屏显示,方便用户快速操作。限位保护、过载保护、自动回位、以及掉电记忆等智能配置,保证用户的操作安全。专业的操控App提供了成组试样统计分析、试验曲线叠加分析、以及历史数据比对等多种实用功能。支撑Lystem实验室数据共享系统,统一管理试验结果和试验报告。Universal tensile machine is a variety of specifications of the force value selection, and seven test speed sensors for users to facilitate the testing of different test conditions. Microcomputer control, menu interface, PVC operation panel, and large LCD screen display, convenient user fast operation. Limit protection, overload protection, automatic return, as well as power lost memory intelligent configuration, ensure the safety of the operation of the user. Special control software provides the group sample statistical analysis, test curve superposition analysis, as well as historical data comparison and so on the many kinds of practical function. Support the Lystem laboratory data sharing system, unified management of test results and the test report.万能拉力实验机可测各种材料之拉力、撕裂、剥离、粘接力……抗力物性。可打印出测试日期、时间及显示器设定显示值。检测设备致力于研究、生产各种拉力试验机。拥有一流的技术和种类繁多的拉力机。拉力机大致可以分为金属材料试验机、非金属材料试验机、动平衡试验机、振动台和无损探伤机等。其中材料试验机加荷方法、结构特征、测力原理、使用范围都各不相同。 随着工业生产、国防和科学技术的发展。用户对各种材料的机械性能的研究越来越探入,需要测试的内容越来越广,因此,材料试验机的种类也越来越多。Universal tensile machine can measure all kinds of materials, tensile, tear, peel, stick relay... Resistance property. Can print out the test date, time and set the display value. Huakai testing equipment, is committed to research, the production of various kinds of tensile testing machine. HKV mainly has the first-class technology and a wide variety of tension machine. Tensile machine which can be roughly divided into metal material testing machine, non-metallic materials testing machine, dynamic balancing machine, vibration and nondestructive flaw detection machine, etc. The material testing machine loading methods, structure characteristics, load principle, use range is different. With the development of industrial production, national defense and science and technology. User research on mechanical properties of various materials into more and more, the content of the need to test more and more widely, therefore, the types of material testing machine is also more and more.

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