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Ji'nan test machine share what material hydraulic universal testing machine cylinder is used,to see what we should be applied to different places, the working pressure of the hydraulicuniversal testing machine, our material is not the same, in the production should consider when can adapt to work pressure environment!首先在一些重工企业常用超大负荷的液压万能试验机,这种液压万能试验机由于工作压力较高,常采用20号、35号或者45号无缝钢管材料制作。其中,20号无缝钢管材料,因其机械性能较低,且不能调质,故现在很少使用了。需要与缸盖、管接头、耳轴等零件焊接在一起的缸体,可用35号无缝钢管材料制作,并在粗加工后进行调质。用螺纹与其他零件链接的缸体,可采用45号钢调质到HB241至285区间。

At first, some enterprises use large heavy load hydraulic universal testing machine, the hydraulic universal testing machine with high working pressure, often with No. 20, No. 35 andNo. 45 seamless steel tube material. Among them, 20 seamless steel tube material, because of its lower mechanical properties, and can not be quenched and tempered, is now rarely used. Need to joint, and cylinder head, tube parts such as cylinder trunnion welded together,making available 35 seamless steel tube material, and quenching and tempering in the rough machining. With the threads of the cylinder body and other parts link, can adopt 45 steelquenched and tempered to HB241 to 285 range.


So for the hydraulic pressure lower universal testing machine can produce cylinder made of cast iron with high strength; high working pressure for hydraulic universal testing machine,can make the oil cylinder adopts the seamless steel tube material.

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